Check out some of the ministries here at New Life Fellowship.

  • The Samaritan Center

    New Life partners with the Samaritan Center, a local food bank right here in our town. We collect donations at New Life on the second Sunday of each month. You can also drop off your donations directly at the Samaritan Center on Monday or Wednesday between noon and 3pm.  We will begin our spring cleanup of our gardens and plantings near the end of April/beginning of May.  If you would like to get involved or help volunteer, please contact us at

  • Life Groups

    Life groups are smaller gatherings of the church that meet together in our community.  It is within this covenant community through the power of the gospel that we experience the kind of fellowship that makes disciples, comforts the afflicted, corrects the wayward, strengthens the weak, and encourages the disheartened, and centers each other on the mission of the Church. 

    If you are interested in connecting with a LG please reach out to Stephen Maiorana

  • New Life Kids

    Partnering with Parents to make disciples.

    • Infant through toddlers
    • 2's plus & 3's
    • Preschool through 1st grade
    • 2nd through 6th grade  
    Families are currently sitting together during worship because of Covid.  We are working on protocols for our Teachers and kids to gather safely.   For more info please contact one of Deacons.

  • Student Life

    Partnering with Parents to make disciples

    We long to see God heal, redeem, and free young people as they trust and follow Jesus, and we long to see God grow something beautiful and redemptive in this broken world through their lives as they bear witness to their Savior.

    Grades 7th through 12th

  • Overflow

    Overflow is our college and 20-somethings ministry. Our aim is to fully disciple and train this generation so that the gospel of Jesus Christ can overflow into our church, onto their campus, into their culture, into our city, and into our world.